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AUB increases demand for large bikes


Asia United Bank (AUB), one of the country’s fastest growing publicly traded banks, is making big bikes more accessible to Filipinos through its pioneering Big Bikes Loan (BBL) program.

Reflecting the downward trend in market interest rates, AUB has lowered the rate on its BBL program to 0.54% per month, down from 0.64% in 2020. It is currently one of the lower in the market. The bank is also offering zero interest on leading Italian bicycle brand MV Agusta for 12 and 24 month loans as part of a promotion from July 1 to September 30, 2021. Interested borrowers can check AUB’s Facebook page Big Bike Loan for more information. details.

Since 2016, AUB has been offering the best deals on motorcycles with a minimum displacement of 400cc. It has a large portfolio of 22 major bicycle brands and the iconic Vespa to a target clientele who longs for leisure and adventure travel. The BBL program offers a loan amount of at least 200,000 pesos and flexible payment terms from 12 to 36 months. Interested borrowers can check out the Facebook page, AUB Big Bike Loan, for more details.

Thanks to freedom-loving Filipino bikers and dreamers, the driving spirit has remained intact, even through the COVID-19 pandemic. “In fact, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of AUB auto loan applicants since the pandemic,” said Leo Intalan, head of AUB’s consumer loans division. “We expect an upward trend in new loan applicants with the relaxation of quarantine restrictions and the changing dynamics of urban mobility.”

As the pandemic dampened consumer appetites in 2020, AUB managed to book new loans at about the same level as the year before. For 2021, the Bank is on track to beat its performance of last year, as new loan bookings at the end of May were already more than double the levels of last year, added Mr. Intalan.

AUB has also teamed up with social media influencer Zach Lucero to raise awareness among serious bike enthusiasts and younger people. The bank is able to capitalize on the social media influence of the media personality and founder of the 42-year-old rock band whose YouTube channel Makina has over 380,000 subscribers and has become a staple for news, features and motorcycle rides. inside and outside the Philippines. Makina’s Facebook page, Makina (@makinamotoph), had nearly 700,000 followers at the end of June.

AUB also wants to continue supporting Zach’s Makina Moto Show in 2021, alongside its online custom motorcycle show Moto Builds Pilipinas. This is aligned with the bank’s “Ride Solo” digital marketing campaign which promotes the use of large bicycles to help boost local tourism by commuting by bicycle while adhering to health and safety protocols.

“Makina’s initial goal was to communicate and promote big bikes. With AUB’s desire to support this segment, everything fell into place and went hand in hand. AUB made big bikes accessible to more people and made our mission easier, ”said Lucero.