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An $80,000~USD Custom Motorcycle


Tamarit Jade is a highly customized 2008 Triumph Thruxton that was built by Spanish team Tamarit Motorcycles as their 100th custom. The construction required more than 640 hours of work and a multitude of parts that were developed specifically for this bike.

The world of custom motorcycles is a wide spectrum, from the occasional DIY creation using bolt-on parts from a catalog, to much more ambitious builds from Walt Siegl, Max Hazan and Revival Cycles. The Thruxton you see here falls firmly into the latter category.

Highlights – Tamarit Jade: a personalized Thruxton

  • When Tamarit Motorcycles approached their 100th custom motorcycle build, they realized they wanted to do something special. Rather than wait for a customer order, they decided to build an entirely unique motorcycle and then offer it for sale at Artcurial at Rétromobile in Paris.
  • This custom build started with a 2008 Triumph Thruxton, the last of the carbureted models before the switch to electronic fuel injection to meet emissions regulations. From stock, the Thruxton produces 68 hp and 53 lb-ft of torque, with a dry weight of 451 lb (205 kg).
  • Tamarit Motorcycles stripped the donor bike and began a rebuild that would take over 640 hours. A new monoshock rear end was added, the engine was rebuilt with valving and crankshaft upgrades, and a new custom body was designed and manufactured.
  • The completed bike is now set to go up for auction with Artcurial on March 18 at the Retromobile auction in Paris with a guide price of $56,500-$79,100 USD.

The Triumph Thruxton 900

When the Triumph Thruxton 900 was introduced in 2004 as a high performance version of the Triumph Bonneville, it immediately proved popular. It was named after the original 1965 Triumph Thruxton Bonneville, a rare production racing car built in 1965 by the Triumph factory racing department.

Description of the imageThis is the original 2004 Triumph Thruxton, it’s basically a modified version of the Bonneville designed to go a bit faster and evoke the cafe racer styling of the 1960s. Image courtesy of Triumph.

This first Thruxton was named after the Thruxton circuit in England, where Triumph had won the first three places in the hotly contested 500-mile Thruxton endurance race.

A new Thruxton for a new millennium

The modern Thruxton released in 2004 was largely inspired by its predecessor. It was based on the popular Bonneville T120 platform which had been introduced in 2000 with a parallel twin engine, integrated gearbox and duplex cradle frame.

The Thruxton was developed as a more capable motorcycle than the Bonneville, which was aimed more at casual riders, commuters and cruisers. The engine was enlarged from 790 cc to 865 cc, power increased from 62 hp and 44 lb-ft of torque to 68 hp at 7,250 rpm with 53 lb-ft of torque at 5,750 rpm.

While certainly not a superbike by modern standards, the Triumph Thruxton offered vintage-style thrills and good looks with modern reliability. It was one of the beacons of the “Modern Classic” motorcycle genre and inspired countless other manufacturers to release their own retro models.

Tamarit Jade Custom Triumph Thruxton 1

Description of the imageThis is the Triumph Thruxton reworked by Tamarit Motorcycles, every part of the original motorcycle has been replaced or modified.

Tamarit Jade – The 100th Tamarit motorcycle

When it came time for the team at Tamarit Motorcycles to build their 100th custom, they knew they wanted to do something special.

Tamarit was founded by Quique and Matías in the municipality of Elche in Spain in 2015. In the years since, they have grown into one of the biggest and best known motorcycle and custom motorcycle parts companies in the world. world – a remarkable feat considering it’s only been 7 years.

Once they got the donor bike back to basics, they took the engine apart and refreshed it, including fitting upgraded valves and a new crankshaft. A new swingarm was designed and the stock rear subframe was removed to make way for a custom monoshock rear end.

The leather seat now floats above the monoshock and the seat frame has discreet LED brakes/turn signals integrated into the rear. The original fuel tank has been retained, it has been repainted to match the bike of course and it now has leather knee pads on either side to match the seat and hand grips.

Tamarit Jade Custom Triumph Thruxton 2

Description of the imageThe new single-shock rear end uses a chrome-plated Hagon shock mounted to provide a direct link between the headstock and the upper shock mounting location.

Interestingly the stock oil cooler has been removed and replaced with an oil coo system which sees oil fed into the two front frame downtubes, these downtubes have heatsink fins from added heat and they now take over oil cooling duties while giving the bike a unique look.

A pair of K&N pod filters replace the restrictive factory airbox and a new 2-into-1 exhaust was fitted, after which both carburetors were tuned to match.

The next task was perhaps the biggest, the team at Tamarit set about designing completely new upper and lower fairings for the build. They started with a clay model that was made into a fiberglass mold, and from there the fiberglass parts were created.

The completed bike is a testament to the work they are doing at Tamarit and the good news is that you can now buy it, if you have somewhere in the region of US$57,000-$80,000 to spare and you can drive to Paris for Retromobile on March 18th.

If you want to learn more about this bike or register to bid, you can click here to visit the listing.

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Images: Tamarit Motorcycles via Artcurial

Tamarit Jade Custom Triumph Thruxton