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A man from Indore has a collection of around 650 antique clocks


June 12, 2022 03:44 STI

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India]June 12 (ANI): In what felt like a dream in the woods, an Indore-based man has a collection of around 650 clocks, some of which are over 200 years old.
Anil Bhalla has a collection of antique clocks and has a dedicated room for their display and storage.

“Some clocks were brought by my grandfather from abroad and later my father also started collecting them. I also collected them. Some are over 200 years old. All clocks are in working order” , he told ANI.

These clocks come in different sizes and designs, including those with a pendulum operating on balance, some operating with a steel ball.
Many of these watches are also hand made and some were also imported.

The maintenance of these wall hangings is also very demanding and sometimes mechanics and craftsmen are called in from Mumbai and Chennai in order to preserve these timeless pieces.

He also suggested that the collection could be turned into a museum by the next generation.
“I will tell my generation after me that if they can’t handle it, then keep it in a locked safe or make it their museum,” he added.
Many people visit Bhalla to buy this collection, but he remains attached to his collection of old but unique watches. In 2013 his name was also registered in the Limca Book of Records for this amazing collection.
He also pointed out that he also collected fans, bicycles and lamps.
“Apart from the watches, I have old fans which previously had a wooden lamp and three blades. In addition, I also have a bicycle from the second world war, and also an old BMW bicycle which is in working order. walk,” he concluded. . (ANI)