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5 brands with the strongest MoM growth in June »MotorOctane


The cumulative sales of car manufacturers have been published. We take a look at the top five brands that have seen massive monthly growth. Last month there was a pretty steep drop in sales for almost all brands. All of the brands that you are going to see below earned more than nearly 150% of their sales last month. Let’s also take a look at the reasons behind these unusually high sales this month.

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Toyota Monthly growth

If we look at Toyota, it’s in sixth place in terms of the total number of units sold this month. Cumulative wholesale sales of TKM in the first five months of 2021 amount to 50,531 units compared to 24,820 units sold in the corresponding period last year, registering a growth of 104%. Toyota only sold 707 units last month and that’s because the factories were closed and a lot of CSR activities were carried out. This also included the diversion of the oxygen supply for medical purposes. This month, Toyota sales reached around 8,800 units. 58% of total sales were due to Toyota Glanza and Urban Cruiser. Toyota contributed 3.4% of total vehicle sales volume in India.

front of city cruiser

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Ford Monthly growth

Ford gained about 544.4% of monthly growth. Last month it sold around 766 units. Similar to Toyota’s, Ford also cut sales as many showrooms were closed due to COVID. This month, Ford sold 4,936 units, placing it in the eighth place overall. The latest update was provided to EcoSport where they added the S and SE variants. Despite being the second winner this month, Ford captured just 1.9% of the total market share.


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Maruti Suzuki Growth

Maruti Suzuki, like every month, tops the sales list among all OEMs. Overall, it achieved sales of 1,24,208 units. In the past month, it had only been able to achieve 32,903 sales units. The overall monthly growth is 277%. Maruti has a total market share of 48.7%. There are no specific vehicles in the Maruti lineup that have performed exceptionally well, but the top spot is taken by Maruti WagonR.

MARuti WagonR

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Nissan Monthly growth

Nissan has 3503 units this month. It takes up to 11th row on the total car sales chart. With monthly growth of 183.6%, this company has proven that the Nissan Magnite is the number one sales driver they can count on. Last month, they managed to achieve 1,235 sales units. Nissan currently has a 1.4% market share.

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MG Growth

MG comes last in this highest monthly growth list with 146.4% growth from last month. The previous month, she had managed 1,444 sales units. This month, they produced 3,558 units. At the moment MG only has four cars in its lineup and MG Hector appears to be the main driver of sales. MG also has a 1.4% market share. This company will soon launch a rival of Hyundai Creta named MG Astor.

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