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3 things you MUST know for winter in Owatonna


Snow could fall by Friday (November 12) in Owatonna. Snow showers, anyway. And you “may” get a ticket by Monday, November 15 if you violate Owatonna’s winter parking ordinance, which comes into effect on that date, whether it’s snow or not.

A press release from the Owatonna Police Department states that winter parking restrictions are in effect from November 15 to March 31, “Vehicles parked in violation of winter parking restrictions may be fined or towed.”


Odd-even parking is applied between 12:01 am and noon each day. “On even calendar dates, vehicles can park on the side of streets with even addresses. On odd calendar dates, vehicles may park on the side of the streets at odd addresses. Between noon and midnight, winter parking restrictions are not in effect. “

The town of Owatonna offers an app for this.

“These restrictions do not apply to streets where parking is limited to one side, dead ends with even and odd (numbered) houses, or streets with more restrictive parking requirements such as those in the historic downtown area.” , states the press release.


Owatonna Police remind residents that “owners are responsible for ensuring that containers are placed where they do not interfere with snow removal.” They encourage home and business owners to remove containers promptly after being emptied.


The Town of Owatonna website states that landowners “are responsible for removing snow and ice from the sidewalks surrounding their property.” Sidewalks must be cleared of snow over the entire width of the concrete. 24 hours from the moment the snow stops accumulating on the sidewalk. “

Do not put snow on the street. “Piles of snow in the gutter will prevent drainage, causing ice to build up in the gutters and on sidewalks. Citizens are advised to place all snow from sidewalks and driveways on adjacent landscaped areas. “

Remember the 2020 Holiday Cruise in Downtown Owatonna. The Illuminated Holiday Parade is back in 2021. Check with the Owatonna Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism to register for the December 2nd parade.

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