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10 Times Wrestlers Received Backstage Heat For Silly Reasons


No matter how talented a wrestler is, if his fellow wrestlers don’t respect him, chances are he won’t succeed in that promotion. The backstage heat has negatively affected many wrestlers in their careers, especially in WWE. Some lost their momentum because of it, while others even lost their jobs and careers.

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If a wrestler has heat backstage, it usually means they did something they shouldn’t have done. But in some cases, these stars got in trouble for very minor mistakes. Most of them overcame it over time, while others didn’t do it very well.

ten Tyler Bate

At the start of 2018, Tyler Bate lost a series of matches in the space of a week. Dave Meltzer reported that this was due to him having heat backstage at WWE. Apparently he had fallen out of favor with WWE management NXT Takeover: Chicago in 2017.

WWE wanted to book Bate on the main tour, but the wrestler couldn’t accept their offer due to previous commitments. WWE also reportedly asked him very late to be a part of the show.

9 Enzo Love

While Enzo Amore was a popular character on WWE television, he was also very controversial. Amore was hated by most of his peers, including Roman Reigns.

On Keep it 100 with Konnan podcast, Enzo once said that he got a lot of heat backstage because of jealousy. While fans shouldn’t believe everything that comes out of Enzo’s mouth, if it were true, it was a very silly reason to get some backstage heat.


8 Matt the attacker

Matt Striker joined WWE in 2005 and had his first match against Kurt Angle on Smack down. Striker allegedly once told a traffic cop that Raw’s roster was way better than SmackDown (and he was on the blue brand).

At that time, the two brands were in competition with each other. When a veteran wrestler heard about it, he kicked Striker out of the locker room for disrespecting legends like The Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero and Mark Henry who were part of the blue brand.

seven The Miz

The Miz has become a veteran WWE wrestler now. He was one of the most reliable wrestlers in the business who would do anything he was asked to do. When The Miz first joined WWE, he had a ton of heat for being an underdog. Even after proving himself on the mic, The Miz still hasn’t earned everyone’s respect.

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He once got blasted for eating chicken off a referee’s bag and was even banned from the locker room by a certain wrestler for it. It wasn’t until The Undertaker asked him to use the men’s locker room that Miz started using it again.

6 Marc Mero

Marc Mero jumped ships from WCW to WWE in 1996. He was one of the first wrestlers to have a guaranteed contract in WWE. Mero said getting a guaranteed contract also opens the door for everyone else.

But initially, a lot of wrestlers were upset about it as well. Many talented stars joined WWE before him and they still didn’t have any kind of guaranteed income in their contract.


Sometime after FTR first joined AEW, they appeared on Jim Cornette’s podcast. There was an awkward silence among fellow AEW and FTR wrestlers when they arrived at the hotel the day after the podcast.

Most AEW wrestlers were mad at them for doing the podcast because of Cornette’s criticism of AEW. But Dax Hardwood and Cash Wheeler said they didn’t care.

4 Samuray Del Sol

Following Brodie Lee’s passing in 2020, many wrestlers paid tribute to him inside and outside the ring. Samuray Del Sol was among those stars who tweeted about Lee. He credited Lee for showing him AEW and giving him the strength he needed ahead of his first and only match in the company.

But he misspelled Brodie’s (Jon Huber) real name and got some backstage heat for it. Chris Jericho and Amanda even called him out on Twitter about it.

3 Chris Jericho

In July 1999, The Undertaker tried to end The Big Show with his promo, but it turned out to be truly awful. Undertaker explained how he took The Big Show to Death Valley and left him there with a Harley Davidson that didn’t have enough gas. He praised Big Show’s survival skills (he ate scorpions to stay alive) and his enormous strength (he slung the Harley Davidson on his shoulders).

Chris Jericho then interrupted The Deadman and called his promo boring. The goal was to draw heat, but the timing was unfortunate. While Jericho was supposed to call Undertaker boring in his promo, he still received heat backstage for calling him boring.

2 Mark Henry

In 2013, Mark Henry suffered a minor shoulder injury. Henry asked for some time off to recover from said injury, but it earned him some heat from WWE officials.

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They had planned for Henry to feud with Big E during the summer of that year and believed that Henry could have overcome the injury as it was not serious and did not require surgery. While Henry taking time off from wrestling changed some plans, his health should have been WWE’s top priority.

1 cesaro

Apparently, Cesaro had some heat backstage at WWE for a while over his comments about Cena vs. Orton in 2014. Cesaro said he was “sick of seeing John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the 500th time” and that he is excited about new talent and matchups.

Some WWE officials didn’t like this comment, and it caused Cesaro to lose a few matches in the company.