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10 Steps to Develop Your Own Business | Business Loans



Do you often ask me how to develop my own business? The question is so extensive that every entrepreneur would find a different answer. Below I will describe my subjective advice, let me know in a comment which of them inspire you the most. An assessment at http://www.istitutogentile.com/customize-to-make-people-want-to-do-company-with-you/

I have been running my own business since 2011. I know what it means to add to your own business, work 12 hours a day and barely make ends meet. Although many of you “admire” entrepreneurs, I encourage you to start your own business to reflect and analyze “the worst and the best path of events”. I do not want to discourage you, but remember that the strongest will survive and in business you must have a “hard ass” and assertiveness.

Below I wrote down 10 steps that come to my mind when I think about the development of my own company. This is a subjective answer. What’s good for me may not always be good for you. I hope, however, that the answers will inspire you:

1. Start small steps, write down the vision, mission and company rules. Follow the business plan, for yourself, not for the bank.

1. Start small steps, write down the vision, mission and company rules. Follow the business plan, for yourself, not for the bank.

Nothing will happen overnight, just like every building we always put on foundations, then we choose the right bricks. Your foundation is the reason why you start a business.

  • Why do you want to have a company?
  • How do you want to help others through what you do?
  • What is your mission, vision, what are your goals?

If you are like a ship that has sailed out of the port, but does not know where it is going, your business will be like a ship without aim and without wind in the wind moving in the wind .. slightly reckless, I think …

2. Start building a business on a stable and strong foundation. Build yourself and then a strong team.

2. Start building a business on a stable and strong foundation. Build yourself and then a strong team.

Your foundation is yours, your convictions, possibilities, skills, knowledge, remember to build yourself first, and then build a business on this stable basis. You are the main commander, so it is extremely important that you have confidence in yourself, believe in yourself that what you do is good, serves other people and the department in its own favor effectively managed yourself in time. I’m sorry when I see people who want to achieve a goal and are sabotaging themselves internally. We are often the worst friend to ourselves because we put logs under our feet. Why is this happening? Why do not we trust each other? Build your faith in yourself and confidence every day because it is the foundation on which you will put your building. And every building even the best made of the most expensive bricks at the moment when it will have weak foundations will destroy itself. The fish breaks from the head, do not let your ego destroy your business.

Look for people to the team better than you, work with experts, people full of energy and willingness to act, do not let yourself be mediocre.

3. Delegate. Do not try to do everything yourself. Search for expert .

There are so many people in the world who are experts in areas where we do not know each other, and they can help us in the development of our business. So start to delegate and use the knowledge of people who are smarter than you, and not those who have cheap services and do not know what to do. Focus on quality and use the skills of people who have experience and effects in the field that you are just developing. If you care about the dissemination of your activities on the Internet, in internet marketing use the advice of people who have already done it, who have extensive experience, but above all have customers – people who watch them and follow their online activities.

4. Analyze. Perform benchmarking. Model the strategy of the most effective people in your industry.

Analyze the market. Perform benchmarking. Once again, you do not have to do everything yourself. There are many people who will perform similar to your profession, so take their advice and advice. Pay attention to their actions and think about how you can use their actions at home.

5. Ask for instructions from other people – but also experts ?

Find three people in your industry that inspire you, which have gone much further from you. People who have developed their business similar to yours, but in a different place, i.e. they are not your competitors, have a different customer base. It is worth to invite such a person for coffee and ask for directions. Ask what mistakes they made to not do the same. We are all here to support each other to help each other, so look for the people you grow in, where you can be better than yourself yesterday. Compete only with yourself to be better than yourself yesterday each day.

6. Get the most out of knowledge – books, audiobooks, conversations with intelligent people.

Find out as much as possible about your industry, about its risks, possibilities, how much time it can take to succeed, do not give up. It always takes time, nothing will happen.
Use training, workshops and networking meetings. My beloved meetings are a woman in business, of course, I love to surround myself surrounded by positive, ambitious people. That’s why I created these meetings.

7. Build a team, not only at work.

Find people that you can grow, people you can grow around. Look for a supportive environment, give up people who are pulling you down.

A group of people in which you can help each other to succeed. Use the advice of mentors. For this purpose, I will give you a story about a certain hairdresser who in a small town for 15 years had his hair salon and cut off men for 50 zlotys. He was very much attached to his work, clients loved him, he devoted the most time to everyone. Suddenly, in the small town, a second salon with a great sign opened up opposite to it = we guard for 25 zlotys. The owner of the first salon could not break down and one day he decided to use the support of a business coach recommended by his friends. The business coach said that he would give him some advice thanks to which he would gain much more clients as long as he paid 1000 PLN for the service. The distraught hairdresser shrugged his shoulders and found that there was no amount to spend, so the business trainer offered advice at no charge, but if the advice of the hairdresser would work, he would pay 1,500 zlotys. Satisfied hairdresser did not think long and agreed. The business coach whispered something to him and left. The hairdresser carried out the orders of a business trainer and a few days later his sale soared up.

What did the Coach advise him? He advised him to make a bigger sign than the competition with the inscription “I am correcting after cutting for PLN 25”. What moral of it? Think about whether what you do is for others, whether you solve human problems and whether you meet the needs of others. Any business based on the desire to support and help other people can be successful.

8. Enter daily rituals, that is, questions and conclusions from each day.

I always thank you in the morning for what I already have, then I wonder what a small thing I can do today to achieve my goal? In the goal log, he records my goals, conclusions, and summarizes each week. Every day in the evening, he writes down the conclusions, which he taught me today, what not to do and what needs to be improved.

Also, enter the 10 Kaizen Principles for daily rituals (I’ve described them all in the Kaizen Business Book), read them each day and think about how you can put these tips into your business?

9. Minimalism. Delete everything that does not serve you.

Follow the rule less is more. Have fewer friends, but more valuable. Shorter working time but more qualitative. Less chatter and wrapping in the bush, and more specific conclusions and actions. Constantly give up what no longer serves you. Nothing new will appear in your life until you give up the old one.

10. The last point is patience, perseverance, self-discipline and self-improvement .

Every fisherman, when going fishing, he is fishing and waiting patiently. Do you think that he would catch anything if he checked his hook every 5 minutes? Do you think that a farmer sowing grain, every 5 mins burrows in the ground checking if it has already sprouted? Think, plan, act, wait patiently.

I hope that in these few steps you have found something for yourself. Remember – act because nothing can replace the action.

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