Over the hills, lies a new beginning
Over the hills
Over the hills, there is a way I know it
Over the hills

You can't bring all the gloom
Your heart is frayed and so empty
You glorify the future
Living in a different world than me
The journey ends in death
You are giving up so easily
You are the other half of me

I know you're going away
I take my love into another day
In my thoughts you're with me
I fell in love with your ways

In a world so far away
At the end of a closing day
A little child was born and raised
Deep in the forest on a hidden place
Mother never saw his face

Someone is dancing on my grave
Sending shivers down my spine
I hear a laugh, it awoke my soul
The wind takes the leaves where he
Wants them to go
His tunes enchant our world,
Our thoughts and leaves us frozen

Why was I one of the chosen ones ?
Until the fight I could not see
The magic and the strength of my power
It was beyond my wildest dreams

He told the tale so many times
About the dream not meant to be
In a world of the free
He plays with your mind
As faith for the future faded fast
He grows strong with their displeasure
It sets him free

Armies have conquered
And fallen in the end
Kingdoms have risen
Then buried by sand
The Earth is our mother
She gives and she takes
She puts us to sleep and
In her light we'll awake
We'll all be forgotten
There's no endless fame
But everything we do
Is never in vain

On behalf of her love
She no longer sleeps
Life no longer had meaning
Nothing to make her stay
She sold her soul away

These are the darkest clouds
To have surrounded me
Now I find my self alone caught in a cage
There's no flower to be found in here
Not withering
Or pale to me
Everyone with a friendly face
Seems to hide some secret inside

In my hands
A legacy of memories
I can hear you say my name
I can almost see your smile
Feel the warmth of your embrace
But there is nothing but silence now
Around the one I loved
Is this our farewell ?