Moving sideways through the sold photo
Slow figures flashing on tiptoe
Crashing cars on a blue tableau
Goes to show it wasn't everywhere
No one steering, just an auto-move

The pulsing of the flare reflected in the air
Stick-stuck goggles deflecting the stare
Underground, overdrive
Countdown, take off

Don't you wanna end up with this mister?
He is just being nice with his kisses and he
Thinks you're not one of the smart ones Say it darling
Doesn't seem like you want that kind of honey, honey

words by Raymond
music by Theatre of Tragedy

Thou dawdl'd not bringing me fro ?ther to Nether,
Still, duringly cling I on to this heather -
Dew-scented blossom; thou wast pristine,
The sweven of thee ne'er will I cede, my colleen.
Drat this creature of memories ill,
Foolhardy and fey I may be, yet him I shall quell.

Poem by Raymond, Music by Theatre of Tragedy 

Harken! - the clouds mustered in dark -
So painfully easing.
Hush! - hearest ye the yew doting;