Hollow-Hearted, Heart-Departed

Play by Raymond, Music by Theatre of Tragedy, Cello by Anders Mareby 

«Filthy harlots - the Lord's grape!
With lore ornamented entreating;
Hollow hearted, heart-departed -
Yet thou reapest the blooming rose -
When 'tis the weed which is to be swath'd!»
«I do, in the blooming flower, pleasure find!»
«And me in the yesterdays bind?!»
«Innocence is reserved for the meek:
Of naught is my grasp ne'er to be!»

«Hah! - for thee even a hound holdeth the throne.
Unwanted child of mother! - Plague of plagues!
Father of leprous children.
I wield ye to stint this brawl!
Nigh is the ford - yet harken! - do not thwart!
Desirest thou to do it withal,
I shall cause thy body by one head short!
Sayest ye nay to my boon;
Then wilt thou from bloodshed swoon!»

«Err me not! - Must ye bethink my foolhardiness!
Be vanished! - Be banished! - if ye deemest me not wroth.
My hand hieth to unsheathe the sword lest thou dost totter -
Whid along! - Wherefore irk my haughtiness?»

«Wherefore bereave the kine of the sward? «No man...No man at all!,
Wherefore holdest thou for me such a quailing scowl?» Be it lord or beggar bereaveth my dignity!»

«Loom my darling sun -
Bear the scarlet colour.»

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