Cheerful Dirge

Play by Raymond, Music by Theatre of Tragedy 

«Hap mirthfulness! - O! joy of grand riddance;
Undress me my hauberk! - the wyvern hath errant'd.»

«Ire of yore - bard of e'eryears -
I deem the brood hath wan'd - fore'ermore?!»

«Fro the chasm of the bosom, bale I hand back.
Hark! my dove - henceforth I bulwark thee! -
Feathers of swans in my pillow - I cede my heart.
Make haste! - I pray - respond my plea!»

«Lo! - a sire of great awe - a knight of many battles!»
«...And of kinsmen weeping for the slain!»

«Please! - heed my words:
In thy sorrow I will kiss thy tears -
In thy bliss I will take thee by thy hand -
The sapor of grapes thou shalt savor -
And harken the nightingale sing oh so blithely!»

«On his knees...A plea to harvest roses;
No heed for the thorns yon count!
Wherefore vow me?
Wherefore this gilded proffer?
Wherefore not pay court to a maid more fair? -
Morn of a joyous day! Flower 'twixt weed!
Fertile desert! Cheerful dirge!
Misery me not! - man nor beast; envy me;
Lest 'tis an act of wont!
Many are the drapes that my past bury -
Ineffable feeling indulgeth in battles!»

«'Tisn't what thou vambrace'st thy words with!!!;
I bethink dotingly only thy weal. «Forgive me for deeming thee direfully -
Therein abiding with thee Yet I was a trifle daunt'd.»
Is for me the grandest boon!»

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