Blaming global infection
for the illness in him
Little knowledge of the non-affection
between him and his kin

Old, grey, bitter, anxious and collapsed
Like a wallflower once blooming
Withered to apparent death

Darling, baby
Don't say maybe
Disobey me, I'll be
Like a bad penny

I twist the truth
I love your youth
You?re losing grip
Take a trip, you,

"Infatuated by the extensiveness of the universe, it's easy to forget one of the most complex enigmas of this world: The human mind, a universe of its own."

Open the gates of the past
With the key to our hearts
Dream of the years gone by
Centuries through mankind's eyes

"Sometimes words can not say what the heart feels. Music can express the things that our language cannot."


"The dreamer walks a lonely journey. Through the sky he flies but with his feet on the ground, knowing the moon is always with him."

And the dreamer sets his sails...
Avoiding all cliffs and stones
But the dreamer is never alone
Always trying to catch the moon

"Peace comes through thinking with your heart and not with words. Until then we'll light another candle for this world."

What is left of our world, today
Walls have fallen with peace
But walls are build within our hearts
Wars are fought within

"Stories about unicorns and dragons are just fairytales, so we're told. But don't we all have our personal dragons? Fantasy is a world not far from reality."

In everyone hides a king for a day
Nature's actors, in tragedies we play
But deep bows the head that bears the crown
For the weight of might can always pull us down

"Through marriage we're bonded, by death we're separated. But sometimes our dreams can keep us together. Life is transitory but love can be eternal."

The cruelty of this world persists
The cold wind speaks for our lost
Whispering words, weaving worlds
Her time has come, alas

"Imaging emotions as being a lake, the water can be calm or stormy. But can it be frozen; can emotions reach freezing point?"

The bowels of my thoughts, icy lake
Drain emotions from my bleeding soul
Tears that follow burn my skin
Dread to see myself, I ain't me

"birth, age, death. The sudden realization of aging and attempts to hide from time. Time is crucial yet essential. For ever or never, life lies between them." 

Slowly... Flying silent
Touching the wind as it sadly sings... for me.