I know from a lesser tribe
I suppose the range of my intelligence
is way too wide

And you don't see me
'cause I don't have much to say

The black house in in my street
looks too dark just to go inside
But when I do
I cannot move because of
the mess in the hallway

It is all there
The earth and the ocean
They contain the power
of our lives

This beautiful city
that surrenders
to the nightfall
Carving the grounds
we walk upon

You lead me
I do need redemption
Whenever I don't know

I feed you balance
We will not rest
Until the search ends

i see him turn away
although my eyes are shut with emptiness
and again the rain falls down
together with me

this blood in my body runs for you
drink my tears as i cry

water travels by itself
inspires us to fear the sea
when it affects our state of mind
we drown in our make believe

kill me with your thoughts
use your mind
hand me over to this world
into death...

runderneath the mask you've buried yourself into
it's coal-black
i am tired of the gulping that you do
every day a new face
what if i unscrew your own identity
wouldn't you guess there's nothing left of you ?

(Paroles de Halstead)

Sweet thing, I watch you
Burn so fast it scares me
Mind games don't leave me
I've come so far don't lose me

(Paroles de Dead Can Dance)

Sail on silver wings
Through this storm
What fortune love may bring
Back to my arms again
The love of a former golden age.