There is something weird I wouldn't believe
I'm losing grip on my lifetime
I don't understand this wave I'm in
Wrong place, no money, just responsibilities

Come to me
To feel my protection
A countdown to my revelation
No more respect
For your regrets

And your time has come

We're never been apart
The day has come
I'm feeling that your sun
Shines away from me

Don't tell me why
I'm so near to commit a crime
When I stay alone here in front of you
(I'm here)

Illusion falls when you're not honest about the way I feel
I know I need only your voice

Ray of light annoying as a cold breath in the eyes
Water falls down

Lights around are flashing
And in meat a razorblade
Water falls down

In which I think that I'm not confident
Blood into my hands I can't deny
A buzz into my ears that makes me mad

But I don't look back

Scorre lento il mio tempo
Che seivola sul velo della mia pella nuda
Se oltrepassassi il confine che mi hai dato
Forse io non sarei qui

I cannot fight against myself
No more
Self destruction that I predicted
Not a long time ago

While emotions try to come out
Desperately I seek in their path
A way so I cannot be outdone
And to finish this search for the meaning

He’s the one
When you feel the heat
That he makes you feel
As a wonder

He promises to you
No more tears to cry
All the colours
Into the rainbow