So hast thou heard the dazzling wonders
And have you felt my life again ? Felt my lies again ?
Hast seen my birth and watched my dying ?
Hast been amused by how I fell ? Amused by how I felt ?

As all the days were still beginning
And all the lights were there to light
And as the time marked hundred waves/ways
I never cared where I might go.

Farewell now my griefing thoughts
For I once gave you flooding powers
This flaming fires shall return
To warm my days and light my hours

Mine is the power to end what has started
Mine are the words to end this game
Mine is the hope to stop the lying
To lead my steps to where I came (from).

A distant whisper touched my sleep - A longing for the reason
Before my spell will set you free - meet me again so bitter sweet.

The Springtime‘s all renewing lights
Unvailed to me a crawling ant
As unimportant as it seemed
Still lit worlds noone could see.

I welcome you – my spark – come light me !
Start beating now – you heart of mine !
Electrify my humble being
Fall dreaming into this well of life.

So enter this life and choose the squares
Choose wisely where you really want to stand.
So start ticking time and mark the end.
So I know when it dies, so I know the aim.

Wakeup now, and join all in -
into this dance you came to see.
Watch me now for I am born
I’m born to fit this melody.

Passing the bright walls of summer
My footsteps echo in the grass
My mind was filled with sunlight
My tears have dired away.