So see me enter those timeless walls
The city of Paris - or was it Rome ?
I do not care - Oh ! - I nevermind.
Nowhere I run to - I can hide.

In which the way is mind and mind is way.

And off they went - both of them -
The charm of luck fell in his hand -
Or shall I say into his face ... ?
Or shall I say to you ... ?

In which a mask is applied not only shielding the ugliness.

The loneliness weaving wonders
Left me alone as daydawn came.
The birdcry's timbre seemed like thunder
- to spit on me - it was the lark.

A flashing blade of ancient times
my hands were clenched around its heel
an evil wizard's spell would leed
my life to bitter endless nights

I would never think of me as a hero
A bringer of wisdom of hope and of peace
I never could think of me in a vortex
of hope of future and vitality.

Rettiseert was sitting
behind his desperation's wall
Rettiseert was crying for
his long lost home - so long ago.

Walking through the unknown woods
The angels fell asleep (that night)
But my steps were firm and strong
(As they were) in the light of day.

Isn't it a strange thing that all the roads - along
I'm wandering are leading into nowhere's land.
A life of no memories a story hidden place
A world grown apart from what my mind refused to see.

The evening

As the night fell down across the land, a man comes to his house.
A lonely house for no one waits - no children cry no children's cries
He takes off his clothes and goes to bed, his mind's so numb - his mind's so dumb.
As he closes his eyes he wishes to die (to die in his peaceful sleep - in his sleep

I was down and I found no need to live
Walked around with the moonlight guiding me
Met a man who was sitting by a tree
Went to him and asked him: "Won't you help me please !"