Walking through the unknown woods
The angels fell asleep (that night)
But my steps were firm and strong
(As they were) in the light of day.

I held my eyes straight in the dark
To scare the beasts that cross my way
There'll never be a widing road
That stops my quest and ends my prayers.

I know until the judgement day
When all the seas gone dry
There will never be another one
Who's lonelier than I.

I saw (the) inferno and (the) paradise
I saw the beast and heard its lies
I heard the sirens sing their songs
I still don't know my way.

I wandered as I always did
A sphere of darkness followed me
As I saw a clearing light
That marked the end of all (my journeys).


And as I entered the place of light
A bird appeared before my eyes
And it twittered brightly into my ear
"Your aim is death, your grave stands here !"

So I lie down in the grass
Relax my arms my feet my heart
The burdens of my quest are gone
Now I know where I belong !
Now I know my way !

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