words by Raymond
music by Theatre of Tragedy

Circa mea pectora multa sunt suspiria
De tua pulchritudine, que me ledunt misere.

words by Raymond
music by Theatre of Tragedy

He gave to her, yet tenfold claim'd in return -
She hath no life but the one he for her wrought;
Proffer'd to her his wauking heart - she turn'd it down,
Riposted with a tell-tale lore of lies and scorn.

words by Raymond
music by Theatre of Tragedy

Parch?d of words, parch'd of lauds,
Lorn and tyned fro my wame -
'Seech I more perforce indeed:
Lap I of thee: Thou art want.

I run as fast as I can To get a ride
To ride on this wave is all I dream of
I want to catch up with the distant sight
I create my speed the way I breathe

He says to her, "There's a woman in the upstairs window"
She turns and looks The blurred image of the echo fades away
As the silhouette set She's smoking a cigarette
And he dissolves like smoke As the silhouette turned and spoke,
"Want to stop you, I can't save you" Sometimes he begins to revere

lyrics by Raymond I. Rohonyi
music by Theatre of Tragedy

You act a pansy, pushover
Do live your fancy, go lower
Who is that, something says your name
You seem chancy, moreover
The call is mine

I can't see
In the flicker-light's quiet frequency
I was briefly interrupted by the sound
Of your voice Now I can see
Why you turned away in disbelief

He tries to see, although he can't
He tries, but doesn't understand He calls on a different phone-line
No one that he knows An out of focus acquaintance
Speaking in a silent parlance "Remember me", breaks the silence
A recurring line again He's looking for something

We stepped out of the brittle frame
And I heard her as she came
Through the city-streets
And the lavish lover-suites

no risk, no fun I'm here, you're gone I'm cool, you're hot I love you not
Don't say a word Unless you're heard
I know I hate to see you rude I think I'll let you down
You should have let me go I think I'll make you leave