No brainwaves or activity
While the craft is in the air
It's getting dark, it's getting light
We are sitting in a chair

I might be moving to the east
To part my ways
And I will try to get something
I don't have yet
If I do, I will look at it
For days and days
Untill I will never forget

The frost hits me in the eye
And wakes me
These are blury winters
And I cannot see

Deprivation of my sleep
Is so bad
I need to weep
Myself into a coma

And drift far far away
From reality

OutRun the fight
I use to hide
in quiet places

I'll refrase my cry
For I would keep on wondering
the rest of my life

To feel this great urge
to hold and embrace you
I slowly dry out

I shrink and shrink
until I'm gone
nothing to make out of me

His hands hide inside a sleeve
and little feet play with the ground beneath him
while up in the sky is where he wants to be

Time will fly
and the wind plays with him
the night will give him its charm

Fear and sweat, my muscles ache
I smile but it's just a fake
I fade away
it troubles me, what you're gonna say
just a day away
and you will be here to stay

I'm at the waterside
my cold feet are numb
and I follow my dream
I want to cross
I want to get inside