Poem by Raymond, Music by Theatre of Tragedy 

Harken! - the clouds mustered in dark -
So painfully easing.
Hush! - hearest ye the yew doting;

Mother earth look at her closely
she looks at her baby and she sighs
the slight breathing pause that she takes it builds her and
makes her strong

She refuses to give her up
and we close our eyes

I'm waiting for your hands
to fold around my wrist
I'm mellowing in warm grass
and the scent of you I've missed

False eyes are staring
disrespectfully and untrue
the burden that we are carrying
is way too much for me and you

Sometimes it is better to lay
don't you think?

No sense at all
do what you want
You will obey
for I will hunt you
Until you will be

Locked away

Illuminating is what we are
When we will be
on the stars

I will feel great
without my weight
that I would feel
while on the ground

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Melodic stanzas
are symphonizing their way
through your weary head

To feed your distrust
And fill it's mouth with the desire
to soulfully be one with your creation

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