(Paroles de Halstead)

Sweet thing, I watch you
Burn so fast it scares me
Mind games don't leave me
I've come so far don't lose me

(Paroles de Dead Can Dance)

Sail on silver wings
Through this storm
What fortune love may bring
Back to my arms again
The love of a former golden age.

Nightwish отменили концертФинско-шведская симфоническая металл-группа Nightwish отменила свой концерт в Сэйревилле (Sayreville), Нью-Джерси.  

Выступление было запланировано на 5 мая и являлось первым в списке весенних туров по США этого года.

His hands hide inside a sleeve
And little feet play with the ground beneath him
While up in the sky is where he wants to be

Time will fly
And the wind plays with him
The night will give him its charm

I see your eyes
Blue and wide open
Take your time
my divine creature
My arms will provide
undivided attention

The day you went away
You had to screw me over
I guess you didn't know
all the stuff you left me with
is way too much to handle
But I guess you don't care

The fabric softener of the mind
makes everything easy
and we slide down

Slide over, you

In the garden, in the park, on a bench, I sit.
A newspaper floats on the breeze of this late summer.
It is coming my way,
I patiently wait.

I see the sign, it's on the road
and I think it's crazy

The magical air evaporates
whenever we float down from
the big plateau
We are here,

To let you know,
our rear view mirror
is full of meaning

Why did I ever think
life is about to go on
in a minute

And did I ever see
life is about to go on
in a minute
Life never goes on
Those are empty words