I. Erämaajärvi 

Kautta erämaajärven
matkaa kulkuri yksinäinen
Näkee lammella joutsenparven
vapauttaan itkevän

What does the free fall feel like ?
Asks the boy with a spark in his eye
Know why the nightingale sings ?
Is the answer to everything

The scent of a woman was not mine... 

Welcome home, darling
Did you miss me ?
Wish to dwell in dear love ?

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Who are you ?
Man condemned to shine a salvation
throughout the centuries
Why ?
Was the wine of the grail
too sour for man to drink

Remember the first dance we shared ?
Recall the night you melted my uglyness away ?
The night you left with a kiss so kind
Only a scent of beauty left behind

Hearing music from the deepest forest
Songs as a seduction of sirens
The elf-folk is calling me

Tapio, Bearking, Ruler of the forest
Mielikki, Bluecloak, Healer of the ill and sad
Open the gate and let me follow the uncarven path

There is something weird I wouldn't believe
I'm losing grip on my lifetime
I don't understand this wave I'm in
Wrong place, no money, just responsibilities

Come to me
To feel my protection
A countdown to my revelation
No more respect
For your regrets

And your time has come

We're never been apart
The day has come
I'm feeling that your sun
Shines away from me