I stand, looking at my hands
I talk with these lines
That's not the answer
I cry and now I know
looking the sky
I search an answer
So free, free to be
I'm not another liar
I just want to be myself... myself

Mother the day is cold
Someone is trying to take my life away
And you gotta know
That I've been unworthy and sensed a dream

I'm still standing here in front
Of your soul looking to your fire's eyes

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You'll never find another way to be
Unlike an actor I do the fears I care
(this is my dream)
Dreaming yourself with all the dreams you do
(this is my dream)
Dreaming yourself when all your dreams come true
You want it

Shot in his eyes,
a silver sky,
his blood is in my hand (in my hand)

I felt his sworn
I know he is dying
Now i'm feeling so strange

I got a key and hold, and I'm a gate to see,
I wonder this power inside of me...
This messing is going in a different gate to see...
Just try to be yourself
Try to destroy all what you feel inside

Slowly it flows your time
That slides on the veil of my naked skin if
You only could go beyond the edge that
You gave to me maybe I wouldn't be here

Il s'écoule lentement ton temps
Qui glisse sur le voile de ma peau nue si
Tu irais au delà des bornes que
Tu m'as données je ne serais pas ici peut-être

Version originale par Dubstar - tiré de l'album "Disgraceful"

Is it asking too much to be given time
To know these songs and to sing them
Is it asking too much of my vacant smile
And my laugh and lies that bring them

A storm is brewing here right by my side
I've tried all sorts of disguises
I hope he cannot do wrong within my sight
My blood is flowing as oceans
When I breathe my freedom
Words of the big religion
Simply what I need