My soul's so dark - my mind is so black
My life seems so cold under my Mask.
My twisting thoughts they're piercing my mind.
They crash all my fun - my love and my life.

Now as I'm settled so old and outired
And no one's here to tell about my live
I'll sing this lonely tune again and again
To bear the echos in my mind. The things I did - the words I said

And as the dragon rises
He stands so tall
Waiting for the daylight
To fly away
He'll never fall
Spreads his wings and flies away to Avalon

In which not only the mask dies.

So as the year has spent the meaning
Of all the hopes - the bitter days.
To learn the good within the griefing
To hope the best as I start to sink.

In which the darkness masks the mask.
Christine: I close my eyes and wonder: "Where is this man"
Who spoke so true with passion felt through centuries
When I was alone this voice washed my fears away
These sounds from the dark that vanish in the light of day.

So see me enter those timeless walls
The city of Paris - or was it Rome ?
I do not care - Oh ! - I nevermind.
Nowhere I run to - I can hide.

In which the way is mind and mind is way.

And off they went - both of them -
The charm of luck fell in his hand -
Or shall I say into his face ... ?
Or shall I say to you ... ?

Несколько треков «Fragment», «Retrospect», «Image», «Crash/Concrete», «The New Man», «Machine» и «City of Light») коллектива Theatre of tragedy с пластинки 2000-ого года "Musique" вошли в качестве саундтрека к компьютерной игре "Manhattan Chase".

In which a mask is applied not only shielding the ugliness.

The loneliness weaving wonders
Left me alone as daydawn came.
The birdcry's timbre seemed like thunder
- to spit on me - it was the lark.

A flashing blade of ancient times
my hands were clenched around its heel
an evil wizard's spell would leed
my life to bitter endless nights